Concept development for a Chinese wine for the Western market
A personal design challenge to create a brand for a Chinese wine for the Western market. China's production of wine has steadily increased over recent years, however much of the production is a clone of Old World western wine in style whilst noticeably lacking in quality. By choosing to make a humorous, as well as culturally informative, branding statement about the mid market credentials of the product, a country not ordinarily associated with its wine production could establish a foothold in a crowded foreign market place.
I chose 'Cha Bu Duo' for the name of the red wine as it loosely translates from Chinese as ‘It’ll Do’, and 'MamaHuhu' for the white wine, which translates as 'So-So'. Both expressions are well known Chinese chengyu, or set phrases. 
Ganbei! (Cheers!)
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