B R A N D I N G  +  D I G I T A L
Designing a brand identity for a new Abu Dhabi based Cultureplex
'On Burning Mirrors and Lenses' written in 984CE by Arabian mathematician Ibn Sahl, set out his understanding of how curved mirrors and lenses bend, otherwise known as refraction
Client Brief
Global architecture firm Woods Bagot have designed and built a new Cultureplex in Abu Dhabi. The project requires a brand identity that compliments the architecture of the building and the venue's fusion of Western and Islamic culture.
To locate an element of Abu Dhabi's landscape or heritage to inform the basis of the venue's visual identity. Being built next to the airport, this should also inspire people to visit during their transit, offering a sanctuary from the stresses of international travel.
Much of Abu Dhabi's landscape is arid desert, however, the intensity of the climate produces some incredible light phenomena. Taking inspiration from the Islamic Enlightenment's codification of the 'Theory of Refraction', the brand identity combines colours of the Abu Dhabi landscape along with graphical representations of the beauty of desert refracted light. The name 'Al Sahwa' (The Awakening) represents both the progressive spirit of the venue and is a subliminal message to weary travellers.
A flexible brand identity based on the travel of light and repeat application of an angle of refraction of 12 degrees, carried through the brand's kit of parts. Simple and elegant digital platforms support the visitor experience of the venue.
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