Polyphonic streaming microsite
Client Brief
Polyphonic, an underground music streaming platform based in Belgium, want to publish their end of year report via a microsite for the first time. The brief requires naming, design direction, and rollout across desktop and mobile platforms. 
A microsite that captures the spirit of underground music, whilst also presenting the company's performance clearly and concisely via intelligent U.I. and an immersive viewing experience.
A play on the Latin 'In vino veritas', the truth in wine, the name In Vinyl Veritas carries the idea of purity of music. Information hierarchy is structured to take the viewer into an underground music venue as they scroll, an idea supported by dark and grainy imagery, white noise and hand scribbled typography. U.I. is arranged as a moving flooring system that descends as the user scrolls through the site. 
An immersive, atmospheric microsite allowing Polyphonic to easily reach their 4 million subscriber base across multiple platforms, setting the standard for future years as the company seeks to grow its user base.
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