I N N O V A T I O N   P R O J E C T 
Solving Speedo users' needs through a new model of Innovation
Speedo, on behalf of Pentland U.K.

Part of a team brief during my time at Hyper Island, The Pentland Group approached us requesting design solutions to re-energise swimming brand Speedo, perceived as being unfashionable, associated with older men & a declining market share.

Help Pentland find new ways to create tailored and personalised experiences, products or services to solve real user needs for Speedo.
Research the swimming market to understand perceptions of Speedo
Gather insights about swimmers needs and seek analogous experience insights
Ideate using Design Thinking methods and test hypotheses
​​​​​​​Brainstorm and user test solutions to deliver a prototype
Key Insights
Speedo have their own in-house innovation department called 'AquaLab'​​​​​​​
Speedo invest heavily in R&D of intelligent swimming materials that were not deployed elsewhere in the business uses beyond swimming​​​​​​​
Speedo’s financial metrics were all favourable, despite reduced presence in market
There are many frictions putting new swimmers off the indoor swimming experience
Initial Challenge Statement
"HMW help Speedo reimagine the indoor swimming environment to encourage new people to take up swimming?"
Process + Hacking the Brief
Using a series of 3 day 'Hackathons', shown below, the team explored 3 possible areas for development that had been highlighted through our research. 
Having failed twice, revisiting our research highlighted that Speedo’s greatest asset was their history of innovation, which had helped swimmers achieve peak performance to win. Leveraging this, we built a case for Pentland that Speedo's existing innovation lab should be taken external, promoting and funding innovative startups as a Speedo Accelerator.
Our Solution
Speedo Nova, an initiative to help start-ups grow into innovative businesses that shape the future of sports and lifestyle. Rather than our team presenting one new product, the Speedo Nova concept could foster an in-house culture of 'Open Innovation', offering a new generation of innovators the chance to continually discover and support Speedo users' needs.
The Model
A 5 step accelerator programme that helps get early stage start-ups moving in the fast lane. Candidates submit an application via the website; if the application is accepted, Pentland & Speedo will support the startup from inception to launch.
The Delivery
Our final delivery was a website prototype that detailed the Business Model, U.X. and supporting Visuals for the Speedo Nova platform.
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